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Post-lockdown escape to new heavens

Like most of us if you plan on escaping lockdown blues the second travel restrictions are lifted, make a ‘freedom at last’ list that you can revisit later on in the year and check out these top attractions.

  • Manchester: After spending weeks indoors, chances are you’re more than ready for a tipple or two. Do remember social distancing though
  • Finnish Lapland: The last wilderness of Europe', Lapland has the right amount of seclusion and winter breaks packed with snowy adventures.
  • Bath: Home to one of the most reputable female figures in the literary world with a history of architecture, Bath is the perfect place to visit if you’re a theatre enthusiast
  • Jamaica: Visit the Blue Mountains, Rio Grande rafting and Floyd's Pelican Bar.
  • Ubud: Also called the spiritual capital of Bali, Ubud has a range of yoga studios where you can purify your mind, body and soul for various reasons.
  • Baja California: Miles of golden beaches, rarely touched mountain trails and fresh-water swimming holes
  • Slovenia: It has some of Europe’s best fly fishing and it’s one of the most affordable countries in Europe.
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria has amazing hiking, nice beaches, stunning old towns, and fascinating historical sights.
  • Orlando: With its mild winter temperatures, sprawling malls and world-class theme parks, Orlando has plenty to offer travellers.
  • Cape Town: Wide open spaces and bountiful nature, combined with the warm people, offers the perfect post-lockdown remedy
  • Argentina: Known for fantastic landscapes and raw natural beauty.
  • Italy: Be sure to return to Italy when things are normal there. Italians are hilarious, they’re kind, they’re welcoming and their love for life is an inspiration.
  • Portugal: Head up the coast to check out some of the incredible beaches and historic towns, and drive south to explore the Algarv
  • Note: Above are with inputs from Goats on the road and Harpers Bazaar

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