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Enrolled patient Rights and Responsibilities in Homecare

Be informed of his/her rights and responsibilities, including transfer and discharge policies, in a language and in a manner which the patient or representative understand.

  • Our patient's come first. All other values are overshadowed by the proper care of those who entrust their lives to us.
  • Have the name, business address and phone number, of Caroline Health Care Director in order to receive complaints.
  • Have his or her property and person treated with respect
  • Be free from verbal, mental, sexual, and physical abuse, including injuries of unknown source, neglect and misappropriation of property
  • Make complaints to the Caroline management regarding treatment or care (or lack of) that is furnished, and the lack of respect for property and/or person by anyone who is furnishing services on behalf of the Caroline
  • Participate in, be informed about, and consent or refuse care in advance of and during treatment, where appropriate.
  • Receive all services outlined in the plan of care.
  • Remain under a doctor's care while receiving Healthcare services.
  • Provide Caroline Healthcare with complete and accurate health information and to report any unexpected changes in the patient's condition.
  • Sign the required consents prior to care being given or received.
  • Treat our nursing staff and other personnel with respect and consideration.
  • Provide a safe environment for the Home based Nursing staff.
  • Accept the consequences of refusal of treatment or choice of non-compliance.
  • Meet financial commitments by promptly meeting any financial obligation agreed upon with the organization.

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