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Home care for Covid 19 positive if indicated

For those presenting with mild illness, hospitalization may not be possible or may not be safe because of the burden on the health care.

  • ICMR introduced guidelines will allow home isolation of people who either have very mild symptoms for the or are in the pre-symptomatic phase.
  • The patient should have a requisite facility in house for self-isolation of the patient as well as a quarantine facility for other family members
  • Close contacts are asked to consume Hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis
  • Download Arogya Setu Application and keep it on at all times
  • The Homecare provider should be provided with complete PPE when interacting with the patient
  • Hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, environmental cleaning, limitations on movement around or from the house to be followed strictly.
  • Place the patient in a well-ventilated single room.
  • Limit the movement of the patient in the house and minimize shared space.
  • Stay connected with loved ones through video and phone calls, texts and social media.
  • Visitors should not be allowed until the patient has completely recovered and has no signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
  • A medical mask should be provided to the patient and worn as much as possible.
  • Do not reuse masks or gloves.
  • In care of any worsening of symptoms like breathing difficulty, bluish discolouration of lips, chest pain call an Ambulance and inform them you need to shift a Covid 19 positive patient to a dedicated Covid hospital.
  • Once the symptoms are clinically resolved for an individual and the surveillance medical officer hands in a clean chit post the lab tests, home isolation can end for that person.

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